Is it snowing where you are?

Is it storming/snowing in your area? How many inches do you have and how many inches are you supposed to get?

Beginning of the week we were told a dusting in the mountains, middle of the week it was supposed to be accumulation that would be gone by morning.
Now the forecast calls for 5 to 10 inches and my husband is at work gearing up trucks with plows a month early!
This is Maine, but usually we get through Halloween before we see actual white stuff falling from the sky.

My predictions:
1) We will get a dusting.
2) We are going to have a recap of the winter of 09/10.
We got one BIG storm in November (this time it will be in Oct) and then we got NOTHING for the rest of the season!

Where are you? And how many inches are coming down where you are?

I’ll update this later, probably with pictures.

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