Do you want to send me Wealth Without Risk by Saen Higgins? And Random-ish

I feel like getting hip deep into something I’d consider a scam, but give it a Good Honest Try!
Really put a good Month of work into it and see what happens.

Wealth Without Risk (by Saen Higgins – is that REALLY how he spells his name? … asked the girl named ‘eDee‘) interests me because it appears that you don’t need a lot of money to get started – that’s a Big Plus!
But the biggest plus is that I’m not scamming anyone to make a buck – I will NOT scam someone to make money.

I’d love for the Wealth Without Risk people to shoot me an email and offer me the program to review, but I haven’t been doing reviews for longs …… so that’s probably not going to happen, BUT if you guys are reading this, I’d love to do a review and I Promise to be Honest and Give it 100%. (Figured I‘d through in a pitch since I‘m blogging about it anyway.)

If any of my readers have the program and maybe didn’t have time to do it, feel free to send me a copy at:

Stuck At Home Mom
PO Box 7074
Scarborough, ME 04070

(Send your PayPal email address along with the book and I‘ll paypal you the postage once I receive the book/program. Make sure the Postage is clearly visible on the package.)


Now as promised, my Random-ish for today.

Board Breaking!

Breaking is my new TaeKwonDo Passion

Yesterday was my first attempt at breaking two 12X12X1 inch boards – Got it 1st try!


Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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