Learn about Infant Car Seats

If you are a parent and own a vehicle, then a car seat is one of the most important buys for ensuring the safety of your child. Car seats can be confusing and a difficult buying decision. Let us begin with the most basic considerations for selecting the appropriate car seat.

Safety First

It is important that car seats, being manufactured today, comply with stringent federal regulations of safety. Before reaching the market, seats pass through crash tests so a customer can safely buy it for the baby.

Most car seats have a life of six years. After that, the car seat’s impact-absorbing foam expires. Be careful with using hand-me-down car seats. In case you do, make sure to check the expiry date, which will be marked into the plastic on the seat’s bottom. Make sure that the car seat has not met an accident.

Two important elements to ensure car safety are appropriate installation and accurate use with each ride. The most secure place for car seats is usually the middle of the back seat. However, one thing even more important is that the car seat is installed in a place where there can be a tight install. If you have more than one kid at the back seat and you do not have LATCH connectors in the center or if the back seat is uneven, then you can use either side of the back seat.

The car seat harness buckle should be at right or underneath the infant’s shoulders so that the straps are in the most secure position when the baby is rear facing. As the child grows bigger, the shoulder straps should be adjusted higher to keep them in a guarded position.

Do not dress up your baby in bulky coats as the seat will act less effective. If the car feels extremely cold, fold a cover over the car seat outside of the harness buckle. There are also footmuffs sold by car seat manufacturers to keep babies warm and safe. You should only use a footmuff of the same manufacturer as your car seat so that you are sure about the quality and safety of your child.

Infant Car Seats

Infant car seats are detachable from the base. Thus, you can easily detach the seat if a baby is sleeping and bring it into the house or place the car seat onto a stroller. One thing to keep in mind is these car seats are particularly intended for infants and can only be utilized for around one year. Then the baby needs to switch to a convertible car seat.

Here is the safemax infant car seat review in case you are a parent (or parent to be) and thinking to buy a car seat for your infant.

Dos and Don’ts of an Infant Car Seat

  • Install an infant car seat at the suitable recline angle, and not too upright.

  • Do not hang toys from the carrier handle, rather keep them tucked away or in your hand.

  • Harness your baby in a thin jacket instead of securing him or her in a puffy winter coat.

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