Mahjong Titan from Kristanix Games #mahjong

This is NOT a sponsored post. I am just Crazy about Mahjong Solitaire.

From the creators of Mahjong Epic, comes Mahjong Titan. If you love any Mahjong app on your cell phone or tablet, as I do, you will LOVE Mahjong Solitaire by Kristanix Games​.

Kristanix took their already popular Mahjong Epic app and turned it right side up with new boards and new challenges. Mahjong Titan is a tile matching puzzle game perfect for both kids and adults. With several different style tiles ranging from the original oriental symbols to capital letters puzzles can be customized for anyone.

The best part is Kristanix didn’t change the most believed features. You can change the backgrounds, add or remove the music, allow for quick match animation and sort completed boards by stars. And if you complete all 910 boards you can reset the game and start over, but like with the previous game Kristanix promises to provide new boards regularly.

With every app there is a level of support needed and Kristanix has amazing support. If you have a problem or find a bug, just go directly to their Kristanix FaceBook Fan Page and let them know. The page isn’t monitored 24/7 of course, but the Kristanix team has always answered questions quickly and debugged issues within the next release.

Kristanix seems to have corrected a few issues. Where the last game seemed to be a bit of a battery sucker (or maybe I just played it to often) the new game doesn’t have any affect on my battery. Also, the Titan game doesn’t seem to take issue with older phones (like my ancient Galaxy S3).

This is something I rarely say: Titan is just as good if not better than Epic and they did it without losing any of the best features.
It rarely happens, but it has. Kristanix kept all the great features of the previous game while improving the game and the features to create Mahjong Titan. And …. and …. AND you can still get Epic and it’s still supported!

Not only can you still download and play Mahjong Epic (the previous app), Kristanix is still supporting it with new boards and a free daily board.
Kristanix has several other games, but the Mahjong games are my favorite.

‘Nough Said!

Kristanix has released a page of Tips and Tricks. Get them while they’re hot: Mahjong Tips and Tricks.

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