Modern ways to heat-up your home

Modern ways to heat-up your home

Modern ways to heat-up your home

Home is another name of comfort, and we associate comfort with our home then we try to have almost everything that we can afford at our disposal. Whether it’s hot or cold outside you need to have a comfortable indoor. Winter comes with cold days and chilly nights and you need to have warmth one thing come to mind is the fire place. Fireplace used to relax and comfort you. In past fireplace was used for many purposes like for heating a dwelling, cooking, heating water for laundry and other domestic purposes. Fire is placed in a firebox and fumes are allowed to escape through a chimney. But time changes and according to new studies Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Ecology warns that fireplaces can pose significant health risks. EPA writes, “Smoke may smell good, but it is not good for your health.” Today we are living in an era where ecology of any product worth considering about it and so forth fireplaces were questioned upon, then the concept of Bio Ethanol fireplaces Greenways to heat your home came into existence.

Different Types of Fire Places

Wood-burning Fireplace:

It is one of the oldest and traditional fireplace options you can have; it is well known for its aesthetics. Any other option of the fireplace cannot beat the experience of the wood fireplace like the look, the smell, and sound of wood fire. There is payback of tradeoff, and in this situation, you have to sacrifice storage space for storing logs. You need to clean ashes out of fire-pit and maintain the chimney. Wood burning spit out burning embers which are a safety issue and need to be taken care of and for this reason, screens are used.

Gas Fireplaces:

It is alternate of the wood fireplace. The construction of this kind of fireplace is similar to wood-fireplace in which fumes and smoke are vented through the chimney, but in this case, the fuel type is gas rather than wood. You can easily convert these types of fireplaces to wood fireplaces. Gas fireplaces are further classified into two categories, vent-less fireplace, and direct vent fireplaces. Direct vent fireplace draw air from outside and off gas directly out the wall while the vent-less fireplace have no vent and these types of fireplace combust inside air, off goes the gas into the house.

Electric Fireplaces:

These are most easy to incorporate into space. These are just like plug and play, all you have to do is to follow the placement instruction and plug one into an outlet. Electric fireplaces come in a range of designs and styles, and they provide an excellent way to improve the atmosphere of your home without having a big budget and ample space for setting fire-pit and the flue.

Ethanol Fireplace:

It is the most advanced and greenway that provides the heating solution for homes. Ethanol burns clearly and produces blue flames, and that is just perfect flames one need. Most interesting thing is that its flame needs no venting, which means that this type of fireplace can be used almost anywhere in the house. Heat produced by Ethanol fireplace is relatively small than heat produced by gas fireplaces but still Ethanol fireplace can produce 13,000 BTU. Ethanol fireplace needs to be refueled by the time.

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