This Miracle Will Only Cost 27.00? (la bullshit)

The word “Prophet” doesn’t conjure sick suspicious thoughts like these!!! {sarcasm}

I give the guy some credit, you must have some kind of faith in your bull shit to post a picture of yourself on page 1!

Now every guy with a gun who is hunting down false prophet in the name of God, has a picture of PopOff, courtesy of this Stuck At Home Mom.

Below you’ll find a link to the entire letter.

Now for the highlights

I’m going to skip over the 4 long pages about the colored clothes and only say I have VERY disappointed he did not send me an Orange one to complete the set!

Let me just jump right to the Money portion of the letter, because, as we all know, this God, isn’t going to work for nothing.

I can hear Sister Tucci’s voice ringing in my head “Beware of False Prophets

I’ll let you be the judge of this guys inner scary, feel free to download the entire letter:

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