Pumpkin Land for Family Fun – What to do in Maine!


Pumpkin Land

Pumpkin Land Giant Jumping Pillow


Sunday’s family fun was a trip to Pumpkin Land!

If you live in Maine or are planning a trip to Vacation Land, Pumpkin Land is a must-visit.

Open weekends from Saturday, September 14, through Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013, 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Pumpkin Land is a thrill filled with fun rides and activities for everyone.

Pumpkin Land is centered around families with children ranging from toddlers to tweens. Many attractions are free with paid admission, but there are some that require tickets.

For older families and for those who aren’t faint of heart, there are evening hours with Haunted Hay Rides and the Big Corn Maze Night Adventure.

Once inside:
My oldest daughter jumped in line for a ride on the Zip Line!

Pumpkin Land Zip Line

Our family is young, so we started off with our favorite, the corn maze.
My girls loved navigating through the corn maze, and I’ll admit, we got quite lost and had to refer to the map more than once. The corn maze is great for children as they look for clues in the Farm Scene Investigation. Take note to bring your smart phone and snap each QR code as you find clues. The QR codes reveal fun stories and bring the investigation to life.

Pumpkin Land Corn Maze Entrance

Pumpkin Land Corn Maze

Next on the list: the Giant Slide!
This is something that people could actually make in their backyard – if you had a large enough backyard, that is. This attraction is for kids and adults alike.
[HINT: if you want to go fast and far, go down on your back with your feet in the air!]

Pumpkin Land Slide

Pumpkin Land Frankenslide

There is also a wonderful petting zoo. Children can go into the penned in area and touch goats, donkeys, and sheep. The animals are tame and walk right up to the children.

Pumpkin Land Petting Zoo

There is also a gem mine!

Pumpkin Land Mine

Pumpkin Land Mine

The barnyard is another one of our favorites. The staff is great about teaching the kids about the animals and helping everyone get a good look. There is a food machine that takes quarters in the barn and outside there are bunnies hopping around everywhere.

Pumpkin Land Petting Barn

There is a snack shack and gift shop and near the ginormous tent, there is a food truck that serves Pizza & Burgers along with other treats and assorted drinks. There are picnic tables in the tent where you can eat, relax or dance on their dance floor.

Pumpkin Land Snack Area

Above are just a few of the attractions you’ll find at Pumpkin Land. You’ll also find:
Pirate Inflatable, Haunted House Inflatable, Scooby Inflatable, Hay Bale Maze, Pedal Karts, Munchkin Maze, Petty Barn and Barnyard, a Hay Wagon Ride to the Pumpkin Patch, and so many more I can’t remember them all.

Optional attractions include Extreme Air Jumper, Pony Rides, Air Cannons, and more.

Take a look at my pictures from our trip in my Google album: https://plus.google.com/photos/111030316599531381699/albums/5924641929170499601

I could go on and on and on about Pumpkin Land and still not cover everything to see and do, so grab the kids and get yourselves out there.

For ticket prices and a complete list of attractions, visit their website at: Harvest Hill Farms.com
And find updates on their FaceBook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HarvestHillFarms

Mom Approval: 5 Stars!
* Bathrooms: Cleanest you will EVER FIND. 2 thumbs up!
Actually, the entire place is spotless, considering it’s outside and a farm.
* Disabled Children: Not a problem. Though some places may be difficult for a wheelchair, the staff is eager to assist those with special needs.
* Duration: At least 4 hours. It’s easy to spend the entire day at Pumpkin Land, but at the very least it will take you 4 hours to enjoy everything. My kids went on the Frankenslide at least 12 times each. The fire truck, which does nothing but sit there to be climbed on, my kids spent 20 minutes on it! And even after 20 minutes we had to bribe them with a snack to get them to move to something else.

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