The Great Penny Challenge #PennyChallenge #Kids

The Great Penny Challenge

For years I’ve done the 52 Week Money Challenge. This year I decided to change things up a bit.

For 2018 we are doing the Penny Challenge. It’s just as simple as the Money Challenge, but it’s done daily with pocket change and your kids are going to love it.

First, you will need a Jar. However, a large glass will do or a bowl or anything that will hold change. If you have children you may want to start small and then move the change into a larger container as the money grows.

Second: You will need to keep track of what day it is. For that I have created a printable calendar with the days and the amount of change to deposit. Print out the calendar and stick it on the fridge or wherever the jar will live: 2018 Penny Challenge Calendar

Third: You’ll need change. If you have kids, this is the fun part. In the beginning you’ll just pull out the change that’s been rattling around in the bottom of your bag, but once you get to day 150, you’ll need to put $1.50 in the jar. This is where the kids come in. Change is typically abundant in places we rarely think of, on the floor of the car, in the couch, around the checkout at Target!

Kids LOVE to scavenger hunt for change! Plus, saving money and learning to scavenger are life skills! Let’s face it, if that Zombie Apocalypse ever hits your kids will survive!

The steps are rather easy to follow. January 1, you put 1 penny into the jar. January 2, you put 2 pennies into the jar. On day 125, you put $1.25 in the jar and so on. This continues all through the year until you end up with around $667.00 (and change lol)

If you don’t start January 1st you can always catch up, so don’t put off until January ’19 what you can do right now! Print the PDF calendar below and get started.

Click Calendar Image Below and PDF will popup to be printed.

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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