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I’ve done this a few times and it’s worked well – and it‘s easy!
The best part – you don’t have to start at the begging of the year, any time of year is a good time to start saving money.

slom-jar-with-lid__25723_PE110552_S4First, you’ll need a jar! You should make it a big one.

easySavingsSecond, print off the little check list/reminder.

Third – and this is the BIGGY! Every week, On Pay Day, go to the bank, drive up to the window and ask for a roll of Gold Dollars (a.k.a dollar coins).
dollarCoinsWhen you get home, unroll the dollar coins and put the coins all in the jar.
If you take the $25 out of your bank account first thing you’ll never miss it – don’t wait! Take it out, get it in gold coins, get it home and in the jar.

If you want added incentive, tape a picture of something you want on the front of the jar.

When I started doing this my husband and I both dumped our change in the jar every night, so when I dumped in 25 gold coins they just got lost in the mix. He never noticed.

It was the easiest way to save – $1300.00 plus all our pocket change, what could be easier than that?


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