The 52 Week Money Challenge – Week 2

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It’s Sunday! Week 2 of the 52 Week Money Challenge.
I suddenly realize that most folks get paid on Friday, I may start posting these little reminders on Thursday. But this is your Week 2 Reminder.

* Grab 2 bucks (preferably your own bucks).
* Put the 2 bucks in your jar.
* Put the jar some place safe.
* And you’re done!

You should have a grand total of $3 in your jar.

Quick tip! Put your change in the jar every night for added saving.

If you haven’t started yet, it isn’t to late: Grab the Print Out to the right >>>>
You can either catch up by putting $3 in your jar this week.
OR make this your week 1 and stick $1 in the jar – it’s up to you!

52 Week Money Saving Challenge

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