Trash Hack for the Car – Creative Mini Hanging Trash Bag

Creative Mini Hanging Trash Bag

Mini Hanging Trash Bag
I drive a Buick.
It’s a car that wasn’t designed for a mini trash can. It wasn’t designed for trash.
It was designed for a little old lady without to kids who constantly eat in the car, but I digress.

From time to time I remember to bring out an empty plastic grocery bag for trash, but there is no place to hang it. This means it lays on the floor and usually the trash falls out of it. I need a hanging trash bag! Something that I can seal up when it’s full or when something in in stinks! There are times when you just can’t run back into the house with a little trash bag because it stinks. You just have to deal with in and go!

What’s a Mom to do?
You may remember my mitten bag from last year. This is the same idea as the mitten bag, but with a twist.

Before I begin I need to thank the guys at True Values Shoppers Hardware in South Portland. Today I walked in with plastic baggies in hand (so I could make sure I got the right size loop) and they never question it. I don’t even get odd looks any more lol

OK so back to the project.

You’re going to need:
1 – 6 inch Embroidery hoop,
1 – package of gallon size storage bags – 1 for the project the rest to store in the car!
An elastic band

Mini Hanging Trash Bag

Open the loop

Mini Hanging Trash Bag

Put the small part of the loop inside the Ziploc baggy.

Mini Hanging Trash Bag

Slide the larger hoop from the bottom of the baggy and slide it on to the smaller loop.

Mini Hanging Trash Bag

Turn the screw so it fits snug.

Mini Hanging Trash Bag

Slip the elastic band around the screw.

Mini Hanging Trash Bag

Slip the rest of the Ziplocs into the trash bag so you remember to put them in the car and hang the whole thing on the door so you remember to take it with you when you leave.

Mini Hanging Trash Bag 9

I hung it from the spare change draw (think they used to use them for ashes) but depending on the size of your elastic you can hang it just about anywhere.

Mini Hanging Trash Bag

……. and there you have it! A Creative Mini Hanging Trash Bag!

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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