Washing Out Those Pesky Stains! How Biz Has Worked for Me! #ad


Washing Out Those Pesky Stains

As I’ve mentioned before, laundry is the one chore I hate to do. And washing laundry with difficult stains is even worse. Sometimes I wash things two and three times to get stains out, and that still doesn’t really work!

Now there’s Biz…

I was skeptical at first… A laundry soap with stain fighters that actually work? They say it gets out all kinds of stains, and I thought if it can work on those things, it can definitely work for my stains. But could it really? So I did what anyone would do. I put it to the test!

Washing Out Those Pesky Stains

My daughter’s laundry is especially difficult. As a special needs child, she often spills things on her clothes. When I buy for her, I buy multiples of the same clothes because I know that they will be ruined. I tried Biz as a pre-treatment on many of her stains. Then I added some Biz in with my regular laundry soap. I am pleased to say that, for the most part, it worked! Older stains didn’t want to come off as well, but now they are barely noticeable. Newer stains came right out! I was especially impressed that it got out most of the paint in her messy paint shirt. She had some grass stains from playing outside, and some food stains on a few of her shirts. All of them came out with no problem.

Washing Out Those Pesky Stains

If you have a large chest like me, you know that spilled food lands right there on your chest before it has a chance to go anywhere else. This is so frustrating for me! I just want to eat without worries of spilling food and staining my clothes. I have considered a bib, but really… How silly would that be?? Haha! Thankfully, I have discovered that adding Biz to my laundry, and using it as a pre-treatment is the perfect solution to my problem! I have even used it to clean spaghetti sauce, and it worked perfectly!

My husband works outdoors, so in the summer time, he sweats. Ick! Many of his shirts had sweat stains, and I had given up on removing them. But now that I have Biz, those yucky looking sweat stains are no longer an issue!

Overall, my opinion of Biz is great! I will definitely be using it from now on for our laundry stain removal. While it didn’t 100% completely get older stains out, it really did best job of any other product I’ve used. For newer stains, Biz is by far the best there is. It will remove so many stains, and for my family, that is just perfect!

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