Why Are You Still Using an iCrap (iPad)? More People are Moving to Windows 10 #Windows10

Why Are You Still Using iCrap?

I just picked up this Windows 10 tablet/laptop and was asked to review this amazing product. The Windows 10 Tablet with keyboard is unbelievable! I don’t think I’ll ever go back to an Android tablet again. I may even consider a Windows phone if it works like this.

More People are Moving to Windows 10 #Windows10

The Full Version
With a Windows 10 Tablet, you can install the same 32 bit Windows programs you install on your Windows laptop – No Apps Needed!!

First, I installed the full versions of two of my favorite software programs, LibreOffice and GIMP. I downloaded them directly from their websites. Instead of settling for the app version like you have to use on an Android or other mobile device, I was able to get full version with full capabilities.

The Windows 10 table with keyboard does have apps for things. So instead of using FaceBook or Twitter in my browser like I normally would, I downloaded those apps. This way I can keep my browser closed and won’t be tempted to do work when I just want to let my mind chill.

Just like a typical laptop, this tablet has a USB port, a Mini USB port (like on your phone), and a headphone jack. Also included is a Mini SD card slot that holds a card up to 64 gigs.

Speed and Memory
This Windows 10 Tablet is FAST!! It’s the fastest thing I’ve ever used. It works at lightning speed. It also has 2 GB of memory and 32 GB hard drive, which is perfect for me.

More People are Moving to Windows 10 #Windows10

Surprising Features
There is an Instagram app! I love that I can upload images from this little tablet with a keyboard like I would from my phone. That’s something I can’t do with my laptop, so having an Instagram app is a surprising feature!

Detachable Keyboard
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to remove the 17 inch screen from my laptop and carry it around. My giant Windows 8 laptop is great, but when I’m meeting up with a client, it’s nice to pull something small from my bag and be ready to go in seconds.

There is no messing about.
iThings have a clumsy, hard to understand operating system. iPads are clunky and difficult to use. A Windows 10 Tablet is as easy to use as your Windows laptop, and works the same way with the same programs and all the same benefits.

More People are Moving to Windows 10 #Windows10

The down-ish side
Obviously, the keyboard is smaller than the mega keyboard on my laptop, so that took a little getting used to. But it is well worth it!

When I first pulled the tablet out of the box, it needed to be updated to Windows 10. That took a few hours, but it’s a free full version of Windows 10, so nothing to complain about.

Ease of Use
The touch-pad mouse was pretty easy to get used to. I could use a physical mouse with this, but I’m sick of carrying around so many things, so I decided to go mouse-free. Plus, it has a touch screen like a tablet, so I like being able to use that too.

Final Thoughts
This tablet/keyboard duo is pretty easy to use, and it does all the same things that Windows 10 does on my laptop. Plus, it’s smaller and faster, making it the best option for me and my computer needs. I recommend this product for anyone looking for a smaller option that is a laptop, but also a tablet.

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