13 Things We Hate About #Instagram

13 Things We Hate About #Instagram
* Lack of clickable links.
I see it. I want to buy it. There is a link. Which I now need to write down so I can type it into my web browser. Why can’t links just be clickable???

* Nothing is in Chronological Order
Following on the Stupidity of FaceBook and Pinterest, you no longer see images in chronological order. You see whatever Instagram wants you to see.

* Your FaceBook Friend So & So is on Instagram.
Big Freaking Woop! Is that FaceBook Friend following me? No. Then why do I care? I don’t. I want to see Who is Following me and what people ‘Hearted’ that’s it. This isn’t FaceBook.

* Stories
I don’t get it. It’s … what? Looks like either collections of images or longer videos. What’s the point?

* Useless
Since Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links I can’t get the crochet pattern to that great project highlighted in the image. If I can’t visit the site where the pattern lives, what’s the point?

* Notifications that can’t be cleared unless you open the message.
I use this thing called Email. I don’t need followers messaging me, trying to convince me to join their MLM Cult.

* I can’t turn OFF messaging.
I’m not 12! I don’t need someone messaging me with their latest scam. I don’t need people messaging me via Instagram at all – ever!

* No line break – making comments difficult to read.

* Send button
Without fail – I start to write a comment and go to hit ‘enter’ and the comment posts. Why? Because the stupid submit comment button is where the Enter button should be.

* Following
If someone follows me it should be automatic that I can follow them. But No! Someone follows me, I see that they follow me, I click to follow them and then I have to wait to be approved. Why? What’s the point in that?

* Re-Sharing / Reposting
You see something great. You want everyone to see it – where is the share button? There isn’t one.
You have 2 options. Steal the image and repost it. Or use a Repost App. Many RePost apps don’t give credit to owner of the image. So essentially you’re stealing the image.

* Where the hell did it go?
I was just looking at an awesome rainbow cake. I put my phone down for a minute, come back, wake my phone and I see the image for a split second and then it’s gone. I scroll down, but no matter how far down I scroll it’s gone!

* You can’t use it easily from a computer.
Windows 10 users have an advantage. We can post images that are located in our “Film Roll” folder to Instagram directly from our laptops or tablets, but all other folks must use a phone or tablet. It’s a pain in the butt!! First you take a picture, upload it to your computer so you can edit the picture in Photoshop, then move it to your DropBox so you can download it to your phone, then once the edited image is downloaded to your phone you can upload it to Instagram.

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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