Why Biz Works on Laundry Stains #ad


Why Biz Works on Laundry Stains
I know I’ve told you about how much I hate laundry. I can’t imagine it ever being a favorite chore. Although it IS nice when someone leaves money in their pockets, because I pocket that change quick! If I have to do laundry, I may as well get paid for doing it, right!? It’s just that laundry takes forever, and I am forever doing it. It seems like as soon as I’m done, another pile is waiting to be washed. There is literally no catching up!

Why Biz Works on Laundry Stains

While I really don’t like doing laundry, I am grateful that I have found a product that I love… and it is a HUGE help with the laundry! I mean, this stuff cleans stains and messes that I never dreamed it would clean. I’ve told you before about the Biz line of products. It works on all types of stains: blood, grass, grape juice, chocolate, and so much more. In a previous post, I told you about how it even cleaned my daughter’s paint shirt! This stuff is amazing!

So why does it work! Biz Stain Fighter works on all types of stains because it has more ingredients. There is no ingredient that works on every stain, so the creators of Biz kept that in mind when formulating it. For protein based stains, it has enzymes that remove things like grass, blood, and milk. Peroxides found in Biz are great for ink or dye-based stains like spaghetti sauce and wine. To make whites whiter and bright colors even brighter, Biz has whitening agents. For things like clay, mud, and dirt, Biz has detergents in its mixture. Other detergents don’t have all of these ingredients, so they don’t work as well as Biz.

Why Biz Works on Laundry Stains

With life comes laundry, but having kids means a LOT more laundry. So I really need all the help I can get! I have learned a few things that help, like sorting as we go, what temp the water should be, and washing a load every day so it doesn’t pile up. But detergents and stain fighters are a big deal, and I have found the perfect solution to all those stains. Biz is now my favorite, and I can’t imagine ever changing.

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