19 Kids and Counting – Cute or Creepy

Let me reiterate – Never Blog about Religion or Politics.

I’m breaking the rule again. As odd as ‘Sister Wives’ seems to me, they are far less creepy than ‘19 Kids and Counting‘.

19 Kids and Counting hits so close to home I get shivers. I grew up in that kind of home, not with litters of kids, but with the same mentality.
– Protect your children from the outside world.
– By keeping children in a bubble you prepare them for life
– Don’t tell your kids about anything because they’ll figure it out
– Keep them in dresses and you’ll teach them modesty


I grew up in that Christian Bubble.
When I hit the real world, I about got trampled.

Do Not Dilute yourself into believing that a child can learn social skills going to scoots and playing with the kids down the street – I’m telling you from experience NOTHING PREPARES your child for Life and a Job better than a Public School.

As I’m sitting here watching the Duggers, I see the person I was, completely unprepared for life. I lived in such a dream land, a Christian bubble, a lie.
I see what the Dugger’s are doing to their children and I know there is nothing I can say that would convince them or make them realize how they are hurting their children, it’s such a sad situation – it breaks my heart.

What do you think?

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