Sister Wives – Cute or Creepy?

What is the cardinal rule- Never talk about Religion or Politics?

That probably goes double for Blogging, but I’ve been watching that “Sister Wives” show and it just bugs me! I can’t figure out why, I mean I was raise Christian, but I don’t have a problem with Gays – why do I have such a problem with these polygamists?

I think it aggravates me because:
1) it’s a male dominated religion – If the women were allowed to have a dozen or so husbands, I’d be ok with it – but not only do these woman have to share a husband, they have to WORK TOO!

2) because I don’t like to share! – I probably don’t have to explain – “I don’t like to share”.

Perspective time:
1) If my daughter came home and told me she was marrying a guy with 3 wives how would I feel? – I’d hate it. Again Male Dominated Religion!! Male Dominated anything – EH!
2) Would I disown her? Heck No!

SIGH – they all seem so nice too.

Long Island Medium – I See Dead People

That chick ‘Theresa’ isn’t as creepy as she is Annoying! And even more annoying is her daughter Victoria.
There’s a gift I’m happy to live without.
Ever wonder how it is some people are considered crazy and others make money “Seeing Dead People”?

Ok, back to my “How To” posts.
Thank you for listening to my “Randomish” I’ll be posting actual articles now.

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