Crazed Mommy Bloggers

Moms are nuts to begin with. We all have supernatural children with extraordinary powers – Oh come on, you do too!

But there are a group of Mommy Bloggers who are crazed far more then the rest of those of us who have joined Motherhood – those are the Mommy Bloggers who blog about “Parenting” 10 times a day.

Yup, they are such super parents that they are able to handle at least 10 issues with their children then turn around an blog about those issues every day! If they stepped away from their laptops for 10 minutes maybe they wouldn’t have so much to write about – but that point is completely lost on them.

Once upon a time I was on a forum where a woman was constantly quoting from the vast amount of child development books that she had read. She was an absolute fountain of reasoning as to why her children had so many issues.

Finally one day I couldn’t take it any long and I posted “You know, if you put down the book and got down on the floor with your twin 3 year olds, maybe they won‘t have so may problems”

The woman was reading 4 books a week – FOUR BOOKS! And when she wasn’t reading, she was online telling all of us what she had read and how it applied to her sons – when was she actually spending time with her children?

Yet, another forum I’ve been banned from!

And tonight I started another riot.
I was on Triberr and made a comment about Mommy Bloggers who blog about “Parenting” 12 times a day clogging up the twitter stream. Out of the wood work came moms justifying their reasoning for avoiding their children. “My kids are in school for 8 hours” Ok, but when they are home they cause enough trouble to produce 12 posts EACH AND EVERY DAY?!?! What Kind of Parent Are You? And to justify it? WOW!

Ok, your kids have problems, all kids have problems, but if you can write 12 blog posts every day about the amount of problems your kids have – blogging isn’t where you should be spending your 8 hours of free time when your kids are in school. PARENTING CLASSES would be my suggestion.

I have to add this:
Complements of: Looking for Isis Thank You! I fell off my chair laughing.

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