I am completely disgusted with the Duggars.

There are HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of Children on this planet absolutely desperate for a home. As bizarre as the Duggers are, obviously they aren’t child molesters or drug addicts – they would make wonderful Foster or Adoptive parents, but for some reason they choose to continue to breed even after the near death of their 19th child.

I have more respect for Jon & Kate! At least they were only trying for 1 more, they got 6 by mistake.

Sure, everyone wants children of their own, but if you want a large family – Those that GOD can give you are ALREADY HERE!

I can’t believe how the Duggers talk about Morals.
It’s time the Duggers take a good long look at their morals.

Don’t tell me “As many as God gives us.” God will Gladly Deliver Unto the Duggers a Child that Mama Dugger doesn‘t need to birth.

Are Foster Kids not good enough to be Duggers? I’m sure there must be a few Foster children out there with names which start with the letter ‘J‘!
Maybe an adopted child would lead the Duggers down the path of destruction? Are the Duggers so afraid of the outside world – maybe they don’t think their children will survive any kind of outside influence.

Duggers, put your God where your Mouth is – Adopt and Foster children who need you.

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