Is anyone using G+?

I opened my gmail account – which is mostly for spam, so I don’t open it often. And in my gmail was an invitation to join a group in G+ – when did G+ get groups?

So I wandered over to G+, it wasn’t hard, they provided a link and WOW it looks nothing like it did in the beginning.

I have 148 Friends, no idea where they came from, but friends are good – right?

It asked me to take a tour and I figured since I had NO IDEA what was going on I probably should. But then I got to thinking, Do I really want to waste my time learning G+ if no one is using it?

Well, no! What’s the point if no one is using it.

But is anyone using it?

Is there some great G+ community out there that I’m missing?
Have I gotten so busy that I’ve slacked on an important part of the Social Networking Media. Heaven Forbid!

So please, someone tell me – Is anyone using G+?
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