Occupy Wall Street – We need to “Occupy Common Sense”

Let me get my Republican on for a moment.

I’m a Republican like Susan Collins is a Republic – pretty much in Name Only! I tend not to lead in to a post or conversation with my political title because it gives people the wrong impression. But this time, I need to put on that title and ask “What the heck? Occupy Wall Street?

Occupy Wall Street – they have no purpose – well, clear purpose at least.

What do we want?We Don’t Know!
What are we going to do?We’re …. not going home… until we get…. “It“?

Well, there you go, you can go home, you got what you came for – Nothing!

We’re a Revolution Embarrassment!

All those other countries put together revolutions just using twitter, we can’t even figure out what is wrong or what we want to do about it.

Interview after interview and everyone said the same thing “We need change” Everything has changed. Everything is changing. We need Answers and Solutions.

I’m all for change and occupying whatever, but get your butt in gear and figure out what you WANT first – How Do They Know If They are Occupying the Right Place if they don‘t have the answers or the solution or for that matter – They Don‘t Even Know The Question!

Maybe we should Occupy Congress – no one else is!

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