Feel better about yourself in 1 hour – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Never compare yourself to others – its probably a sin, but The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills almost instantly made me feel so Good about my life and myself in general.
Who would have thought the rich and envied were nothing more than “Mean Girls” still living in the High School mentality.

Drama from beginning to end, but here are my highlights:

Kyle and her husband meet with Lisa and her dog carrier for dinner.
Kyle is already uncomfortable around Lisa’s husband, the dog carrier, because they had words at some dinner party – apparently the wealthy can’t have a friendly difference of opinion, like us normal folk. Then Kyle …. and if you haven’t figured this out yet, Kyle is a girl – she does look a bit like a well kept drag queen, but she is female – Kyle goes on to berate one of her dear friends, Dana. Dana’s son is quite intelligent and she is very proud of him. {Kyle for the record my daughter could also read at 18 months, she spoke Spanish as a second language, this is actually common these days, you shouldn’t berate your friends because your kids are fixated on tutu’s and things that sparkle – but I digress. }
After talking behind Dana’s back, Kyle goes on to scold Lisa for not ‘wanting to be friends’ with Dana. WOW Kyle, with friends like you …….!

Let’s face it, we’ve all talked trash, but I hope I got that all out of my system in the 8th grade.

Dana IS a piece of work, her new sun glasses were $25,000.00! Yes, that’s right, I didn’t get it mix up, not only did I hear it, I read it on the closed captioning 4 or 5 times because the woman couldn’t help but flaunt the price tag.
Does she realize people are starving? Suddenly I feel a bit of pride, I know it’s another sin, but I can’t help but feel proud of myself. I spend 3 to 4 nights a week, in my unfinished kitchen, sewing Little Dresses for girls in Africa and that brings me more joy than any pair of sunglasses.

Petty, predictable, unstable, immature girls – and most of them aren’t very pretty.

Lisa and Michele Jackson must share the same plastic surgeon – they could be siblings. Lisa lives with man who carries her dogs around.

Kim is Kyle’s sister – I’m pretty sure Kim’s the groups prostitute (think Sam from Sex and the City with a heavy opium habit).

Taylor is the Twit, so boring she‘s hardly worth a side note.

Adrienne the classic gody snob, the kind who makes unintelligent babble sound stuck up – going on about how she always needs life guards at her parties – oh whoop-tee-do. And her little doggy likes to poo in her hubbies shoes – ever heard of a run? It’s a line behind the house where you hook your dog so they can do their business and after you let them back inside.

Camille is the shockingly ugly model type, that makes any designers clothes look good.

After 2 hours of listening to the mindless dribble these ladies were spewing I felt Intelligent and Beautiful! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will make you feel much better about your situation – no matter how horrible.

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