Random-ish – Government Assistance – October 4th

Today I went in to apply for government assistance/state aid for my youngest child. However, I knew we’d never be approved, but to get any type of help navigating the system, we must first apply for the basic government assistance, be rejected and only then can we apply for the aid we can actually get which is case management.

You would be shocked how may different pieces of paper you need just to apply to be rejected! It’s insane. I handed the woman a BOOK!!
Government agencies must be funded by the page.
Every scrap of paper referring to my child from the second she was born – just to be rejected so we can apply for case management.
And do you know what we want from case management?
Help navigating the system. Yup! We just want to make sure that our little Treasure doesn’t get pushed aside. SIGH!

It kinda went like this: Receptionist: Why are you here today?
Me: To be rejected for Medicare.
Receptionist: Odd Look.
Me: And look, I’ve already made out the forms and have all the additional paperwork!

I feel lucky that I only had to wait a little over an hour to see someone – I’ve heard horror stories – and the someone I saw was Very Nice, but she spent an hour of her day helping me get rejected for something that I knew we couldn’t have in the first place, when she could have been helping someone with something that they could obtain.

It’s all just mind boggling!


Enough of that. Today is October 4th
Happy National Golf Day
And Happy National Frappe Day!


I think that’s enough boggling for today, I’m going to wash some floors or something!


PS I know the picture doesn’t make any sense, but neither did the day! LAUGH!

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