The Weather in Maine

The Weather in Maine
There is a reason why Mainers are always shocked when it’s hot – it’s because it is so very rare.
In Maine we get humid rain, humid snow, humidity when it’s only 50 degrees and warm days.

This is how a Maine summer goes:

June is nice. Usually around 50 or 60’s if we’re lucky we hit around 70 for a few days.
But there are always those 2 days in June where the weather hits 75 degrees Fahrenheit which is such a shock to our system that we all nearly get Heat Stroke!

Then comes July, we all know it’s going to be hot during the day, some times it reaches 85! The nights go back down to 50, some nights you need a comforter.
This is when Summer usually hits. We had those 2 consecutive days in June that were hot (comparatively), but those are nothing compared to our 3 days of Summer.

Maine’s 3 days of Summer.
Summers in Maine are Humid. To be honest, we have humidity all year round, it’s humid here when it snows, but what Mainers have a hard time dealing with is Heat and the Humidity.
For 3 days we have temperatures that hover between 90 to 100 with 900% Humidity and we melt!
After those 3 days, we can pretty much take out the air conditioners and prepare for fall, which usually comes around August 7th.

August 7th is a pretty specific date – I know, but we have not been able to use our pool after my daughter’s birthday since her birth, because it’s just too cold. So I can tell you August 7th is pretty much the unofficial start to fall.
August weather is much like June, a few warm days, but now we can handle 85 degrees with 100% humidity because we suffered through those 3 days in July!
August always brings with it 1 Hot Humid day which we wish we’d left the A/C‘s in the window.
By the time September rolls around even our fans are in storage and we get hit with …… YUP 1 or 2 hot days.
Those days aren’t truly HOT if you consider the rest of the country has a summer where temperatures are around 100 degrees day in and day out for 3 or more months.

Winter – roughly the other 11 months.
When Maine gets a heat wave in July the rest of the country looks at us like it’s a mild day.
It’s much like our winter, in Maine we get 2 feet of snow and there is still a good chance the kids are going to school. Where the rest of the country gets 2 inches and they call a State of Emergency.

Side Note: If you ever visit Maine stay clear of a town called Fryeburg. I suspect it is either an ancient pagan burial ground or where the Good Lord himself opened the earth and flushed the demons to HELL – there are only 2 degrees of weather in Fryeburg, Maine – Hell and Hell Frozen Over.
It is not uncommon for Meteorologist Joe Cupo to report “We got lucky the storm moved past us with just a few inches, except Fryeburg which receive 40 feet of fresh powder.”
Or Weather Forecaster Kevin Mannix to report that Fryeburg is the ONLY town in Maine with an Excessive Heat Warning!

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