Giving Away a Gas Card – What do you want?

I wish there were a rating system for Blogs.
I know there is, but I mean something more like a NetFlix rating system.
“eDee you liked these hilarious blogs, you may like these.”
“These blogs are like those blogs that you rated 5 stars!”
“Our picks for eDee”

My Rules For Giving Your/Any Blog the Time of Day

Rule 1 Entertaining!
If you’re going to write a blog make it Freaking Entertaining!
Why would I waste my time reading about your family’s bor-o-la vacation!
Everyone has a blog – and it seems everyone is whining about getting traffic. “How do I get traffic” “I want traffic”
Want traffic? Stop writing about what you had for dinner or the color of your kids poop! ENTERTAIN ME!!

Rule 2 GIVE ME! Give Me!
If your not going to be entertaining at least give me something.
Scrapbooking websites have it made – they can give you crap and you’ll take it because it’s FREE and it’s downloadable and it’s FREE and you get it NOW and you can get tones of it and it’s FREE!
If you can’t be entertaining then give me something free!

Rule 3 DON’T think about Yourself!
I see this all the time, people whining about traffic. I don’t have traffic! How do I get traffic. Well you get traffic by being Entertaining and giving stuff away and NOT only that, but you have to make me happy.
My last blog post was on How NOT to run a blog train and it’s the perfect example. They felt that they were giving you something, so you should shut up and take whatever comes your way – Hell No! Your readers aren’t going to do that. It’s not enough that you give them something, that is just BATE! Once you get them to your blog you have to KEEP them. Make them want to subscribe. Make them want to come back!

I’ve had several blogs and they had great PR rates – want to know how? It’s a great little secret. I offered FREE STUFF on my bog. And it was free, they just had to pay the shipping – and they did. But I couldn’t maintain the PR rate. I was posting 100 to 200 posts on Craigs list a day, plus dozens on other sites. All promising Free Stuff. Most people thought it was stuff in their area and they clicked on my site – and many were pissed!
It was impossible to keep it up.
It’s easy to get people to your blog, the hard part is getting them to return!

Rule 4 Getting them to return.
If you’re not going to entertain me or give me something quick, then I want to WIN something. It doesn’t have to be big or even that good – but I want it easy and something I can enter quickly and have more than a shits chance of winning.

Gas Cards are good. I’d love to win a gas card!

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