Where are the Simple Gluten/Dairy Free recipes that Kids will Actually EAT!?!

I think it’s assumed that if you‘re looking into a “Special Diet” that you just Love spending countless hours in the kitchen, so Gluten Free Recipes are written by people who enjoy cooking for people who enjoy cooking.

If you HATE cooking as I do, you’re screwed.

The other problem is if it’s Gluten free, it’s covered in Cheese to make it taste good. We can’t have dairy either.

There are VERY few Gluten/Dairy Free recipes and every one of them has 800 ingredients, are designed for master chefs, most always slimy and never anything a young child would consume – I wouldn’t eat much of it. Look at that image above – NASTY!! No child would eat that!

Oh there are Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies – Gag!
Pine apple, apple, blueberry pine nut muffins – seriously?
Veggie Brownie Bars – whoopee!
None of it even looks appetizing.

Everything is just nasty – my poor daughter is going to survive on carrots and whatever gluten/dairy free cookie I can find that she‘ll eat.

I don’t understand why they can’t make things simple, packaged, and taste good.

I know the fact that I can’t cook meat and I hate cooking all together is making this much worse, but honestly it’s now thought that 1 in every 35 child is Autistic, most parents of those children are going to try a Gluten/Dairy Free diet and someone hasn’t come up with stuff that kids would normally eat?

Maybe this is how I’ll make my millions “Simple Gluten/Dairy Free Foods Kids will ACTUALLY EAT” Subtitle: Nothing tastes like: slime, dirt, rocks, garbage, and stinks.

{Image of Nasty Food from: http://www.babble.com/best-recipes/healthy-eating/nut-allergy-dairy-free-gluten-recipes-food-allergy-kids/?page=4}

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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