Easy to Personalize FREE Photo Calendar Printout #61 #ForeverCalendar #FreeCalendar #Scrapbooking #DigitalScrapbooking

This is Photo Calendar Printout #61, part of my Digital Photo Calendar Collections.

Most are Forever Calendars that can be used again and again for any month, others have the months included, but all of them can be edited to put an image(s) behind the page to make personalized calendar pages that can be printed and given to family and friends.


Directions for putting the image in the calendars (before printing) are here: How to Insert a Photo into a DIY Personalize Photo Calendar (using photopea.com)


I created most of the templates using bundles, elements, layouts and inspiration from Digital Scrapbook
(Commercial Use)



All digital scrapbooking pages and digital scrapbooking calendars are for personal use only!
After including pictures you may print the pages to give to family and friends or use yourself, but you can’t sell the templates or provide them on your website.

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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