How to Insert a Photo into a DIY Personalize Photo Calendar (using

I’m using the Baby’s First Year Calendar.

Start by opening PhotoPea is free (they have a paid version, but you don’t need it.)



Open the calendar template you want to use.  File > Open


DIY Personalize Photo Calendar



Select the template and click Open



DIY Personalize Photo Calendar



See that big open area? That’s where the image will go. 



DIY Personalize Photo Calendar



Now open the photo you want to put in the calendar.  The process is the same as before.

Click File > Open 




Click on the photo you want to use and click Open





Make sure Transform Controls is checked. Click on the image to unsure that the image is selected. You need the image selected so you can copy it to the other tab. 





With the image selected Click Edit > Copy





Click on the Original tab. 



DIY Personalize Photo Calendar



Click Edit > Paste





Click on the image you want in the big empty space and drag it to the empty area. 





HOLD DOWN SHIFT – Click one of the corner squares and drag the corner of the image to enlarge. 





Enlarge the image to the best size. 





On the right you will see the layers panel. Click on the bottom later (which should be the calendar template) and drag it above the layer with the photo.  



DIY Personalize Photo Calendar


Now click File and export (save) the file to your hard drive for printing. 

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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