10 Ways to Stop the Neighbors 2am Parties

10 Ways to Stop the Neighbors 2am Parties

10 Ways to Stop the Neighbors 2am Parties

We’ve all had those neighbors who don’t know when to quit, so try to have a little fun with it.

1. Call your local police department and tell the you would like to provide them with free parking on your front lawn! Ask them to send 1 patrol car around 7 in the evening and you’ll even pay for their gas!

Party_People2. Complain about the party on Craigslist.com
“Open bar party every night from 11 to 3 am – seems all are welcome.” Don’t forget to a really good picture of your neighbors house and a Google map!

3. Hack into your teenagers FaceBook account. Create a status update as your teenage, post that you are house sitting at the neighbors and invite entire high school to Party – BYOB!

4. Awhile back the woman down the street had a sign on her lawn with a big arrow that read “That is house number 123 – We don’t sell drugs here” implying of course that house number 123 did!

loud5. A great lawn sign is one with an arrow point toward your neighbor’s house that reads “They don’t own guns”

6. Remember stink bombs? Nothing clears out a party like a good stink bomb over the fence.

7. Purchase an audio recording of a screaming baby, point your speakers towards your neighbors and test out those sub-woofers at full blast. Nothing clears out an area like a screaming baby.

8. There is a toy store in the mall that sells life size stuffed lions and tigers – Prop one of those up in a tree and play a recording of animal sounds. There is nothing like watching drunk folks scramble when they think they’re being attacked.

9. A great visual trick – lights and sirens. After you let those go a few times and everyone is aware it’s you, then call the cops. lol

10. If you can’t beat’m join’m walk on over and be a BAD DRUNK! Every night. Fall over stuff. Break stuff. Yell at people. Cause a scene – sooner or later everyone is going to want to party somewhere else.

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