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Another simple recipe. Bacon Chocolate Bars make a great gift.

You’ll need:
1 package of Chocolate Wafers
1 package of Bacon
Chocolate bar Molds


It must seem that I’m the ambassador for Fully Cooked Bacon, see you may find the precooked bacon in your grocers freezer, but it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Which makes it perfect for these chocolate bars. [if you’re not using fully cooked bacon – cook your bacon!]

Chop the bacon and set it aside – I use the magic bullet for everything, if they were still around they’d make me their spokes person.

chop Bacon

Then melt the chocolate wagers. I melt them in a large measuring cup to make my life easier.
Melting take the most time. 30 seconds, stir, 30 seconds, stir, 30 seconds, stir, 30 seconds, stir, 30 seconds, stir, 30 seconds, stir – forever!

Melt Chocolate

There are 2 ways to make the bars.

The first is to paint the molds with a thin layer of chocolate, then add the bacon then fill the rest of the mold with bacon – bacon surprise!

I use the second, fill the molds with chocolate then sprinkle the bacon on top (which will be the bottom) – no surprises.

Both are fun, but painting the mold takes a bit more time and without fail you’ll need to re-melt the chocolate and I have already spent to many years of my life melting wafers.


Set the molds in the fridge for 15 minutes.

Once the chocolate has formed solid bars flip them out onto a paper towel.


Cut off any funky edges and wrap in plastic.


Print and cut out cute wrappers and WOW!


I assume you won’t need a recipe card for this one (:

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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