Celtic Heart Knot, Money Fist and Tiny Globe Knot (necklace, jewelry) #celticheartknot

Celtic Heart Knot #celticheartknot

Celtic Heart Knots #celticheartknot

The image above has been going around FaceBook for ages. It’s so sweet. I’d love to make one, but what is it made of? Many people say Paracord, but I’m not positive that’s it. I’ve worked with a lot of Paracord and that doesn’t look like it. I’m wondering if it’s some kind of craft cord. Would have been nice if they put that on the image or put a workable link on the image! (likealaugh.com is now ads – no help there.)

The other problem with the “how to” image, it doesn’t tell you how to close the necklace. I guess they expect you to make some ugly knot in the back and hope the person wearing it has long hair. Personally Id suggest a small Monkey Fist or a Tiny Globe Knot.

Below are the HOW TO video.

Celtic Heart Knot
Celtic Heart Knot

Tiny Globe Knot
Tiny Globe Knot

Monkey Fist Knot
Monkey Fist

Have Fun Knotting!

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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