How to Create a Memory Box for Your New Baby

How to Create a Memory Box for Your New Baby

How to Create a Memory Box for Your New Baby

Welcoming a new baby into your home and family is a joyous experience. The days leading up to the birth and the days that come later are ones that you will never forget. As a mother about you give birth or a father eagerly looking forward to that birth, you can occupy your time with a memory box that you make for that new baby. This box should contain mementos that let your little wonder that he or she was on your mind long before coming into this world.

Pick a Container

As your child may not look at that memory box or even learn about it for a few years or more, you need to pick a container that can hold those mementos for an extended period of time. While you might feel confident using a simple cardboard box, that box can break down. If you have a house fire or a flood, that box might completely give out and damage or destroy everything inside. A fireproof box will keep those objects safe during floods, fires and other types of disasters.

Gather Photos and Videos

Let your child know that you loved him or her before the birth. If you opt for 3D sonography, you can put a copy of the photo or video that you received inside the memory box. First time parents are often surprised at the details that they can see in these images. You can get a look at your child’s face and see if the baby is sucking on a thumb or smiling for the camera. Consider taking photos with your loved ones and filming them as they talk about that baby. Make copies that you can save inside the memory box.

Include Detailed Information

Do you love looking through the memory box that your parents kept for you and seeing what you did as a baby as well as all the things going on in the world back then? You can give your own baby that same experience when he or she gets older. Buy a copy of the local newspaper that you tuck inside the box. You can also keep a notebook and make a list of some of the top news stories in the days leading up to that birth. Even throwing in some fun magazines from that year lets your child read about the news of the time.

How to Create a Memory Box for Your New Baby

After the Birth

Once your child is born, you may have less time than you expected, but you’ll still have enough time to add a few things to that box. Make sure that you include a copy of the newspaper from the day of his or her birth as well as the baby’s hospital ID tag. You can even add in some fun things like the cards that you got from loved ones or pressed flowers from the arrangements you received. Photos of your family with the baby are a nice addition too.

Memory boxes allow older children and adults to look back on the time surrounding their births. They can see what their loved ones thought about them and the top stories too. Make your child’s memory box in a fireproof box or a similar container that can withstand time in storage.

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