How Triberr Works – Quick and Dirty

First you need an invite. If you’d like one, go to @messagebubble and message me, I’ll send you one right away. Or email me here and I’ll do the same.
OR Just Post Your Twitter ID Here and I’ll send you one through Twitter!

Triberr looks at your RSS feed, grabs your latest post and tweets it.
Now you’re thinking – but ‘I do that’.

Here’s a little more detail.
You sign up with Triberr and join a tribe. My tribe is “Eclectic Crew”
Every time you post to your blog, my Tribe tweets your post title and a link to your blog. So instead of you tweeting your post and hoping for ReTweets, anywhere for 1000 to 100,000 or more people retweet it. EXPOSURE!!!

It’s important to join Tribes that reflect your blog.
Once you join a tribe, the new posts from your blog are tweeted by all the members of your tribe (there are exceptions). You also tweet your tribe members posts at a setting that you determine.

Example: I post something to my blog. Triberr grabs it from my feed and creates a link.
Let’s say you have your Content Share Frequency set to every 4 hours.
Every 4 hours Triberr will post 1 tweet about your tribe members blog with a link to that blog. (Title and a Link)
I have my Content Share Frequency set to every 20 minutes, so every 20 minutes, Triberr tweets 1 of my fellow Tribe members posts.

If you think your tribe members post doesn’t reflect your Blog, then you can delete it from your stream, but don’t do that to often. If you feel that your tribe members posts don’t reflect your blog or your message, it’s usually best to leave the tribe.

That is why it’s important to join Tribes which reflect your blog.

Eclectic Crew is a great place to start on Triberr, you learn how the system works and you fit in no matter what you write about because we’re all tweeting about everything. Once you get a feel for Triberr you can start joining other tribes that better reflect your blog.

Again, if you are looking for a Triberr invite please go to @messagebubble and message me or Post your Twitter ID below an I’ll send you one from my @messagebubble twitter account (… psssst…..If you post your ID here you’ll get more exposure)

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