Never Lose Another Mitten or Hat [at least not in the house!]

It’s inevitable – We’re ready to go and no one can find mittens or hats.
God forbid Mommy not be around to open backpacks and check school jackets.

This is so simple.


Take an 8” cross stitch hoop.
1 Jumbo Hefty storage bag.
A hook of some sort.

You’ll notice on the outside of the inside hoop there is a little lip on one side. Make sure that lip is UP near the top of the opening. If not, the rings will fall apart as kids drop their mittens in.

Put the inside hoop, lip side up, inside the Hefty storage bag up near the top of the bag.

Take the outer hoop from the bottom of the bag and move it to the top around the hoop.

Feed the bag down as much as possible so only the zip part of the bag is near the top of the hoop.

Tighten the outside hoop.

Take a hook and screw it into something that doesn’t matter if you put holes in it. Or use those hooks that you can pull off so they don’t damage the walls.

Hang hoop on the hook and you’re done!

If your hoop falls apart when mittens and hats are placed in the bag, the inside hoop is upside down. Take it apart and feel for the little lip on the outside of the inside hoop. The lip needs to be at the top near the zip part of the bag.


Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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