Rules for Surviving Triberr #triberr

My introduction to Triberr was an email from a friend that read “Please join Triberr so I can inbreed. You can quit after.”
So I joined expecting to stay until my friend could inbreed and then she left!

I’ve been in and out of tribes and each has had it’s own rules it governed by.

These are the Rules for the Tribes I rule.
The Rules were well received by those who don‘t need to worry about them!

1. Absolutely under no circumstances are you to “Approve” any post by any tribe member who is not tweeting your posts.
Hover over each tribe mates avatar – if they are sharing 0 – delete their posts from your tribal stream.
Obviously there is 1 exception – new members! Be Friendly, tweet their stuff. But if you have shared up to 5 tweets and they haven’t returned the favor – Stop and Report the member.

2. For each post which you have sucked into Triberr and you expect to be shared, you must tweet 1 post per tribe mate. That is the LEAST you are allowed share.
So if you write 5 blog posts today and all 5 posts get sucked into Triberr, you need to tweet 5 of your fellow tribe mates posts – that’s 5 per tribe mate.
Now many tribe mates won’t have 5 per day, so you need to tweet nearly everything per tribe mate.

I’m not asking you to tweet a topic that you don’t support. If someone writes a pro-life post and you’re pro-choice, no, don’t do it.
But how often has that come up? Rarely!

3. As always NO BASHING posts.
I live in a great country where we can speak our mind, but before you finalize a post about your belief that all gays are going to hell, REMOVE YOUR FEED from this Tribe or I’ll remove you.

4. You are REQUIRED to report any post in the tribal stream where you believe the general public considers it wrong, email me from my blog.

5. We all have different beliefs, that’s what makes this tribe great.
If you write a strong minded political piece and you’re afraid that tribe mates may feel uncomfortable tweeting it – post a warning.
Something simple like “My latest post is on the Republican Congress. Just letting you know. The title is such and such” Just a friendly warning for those who feel differently than you do.

Fair game: Politicians, Celebrities, Athletes, anyone bringing attention to themselves.
Things that are off limits: white supremacy, intolerance of race, gender, sexual preference.

Some topics are ify, others will get you kicked off the island.
I’ll be SHOCKED if someone doesn’t know the difference.

‘Free Speech’ does not give you the right to taking advantage of unsuspecting tribe mates who are attempting to help you by tweeting your posts.

Thus sayth eDee, Tribal Chief
So let it be written. So let it be done!

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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