Sex in the Title and 6 other Simple ways to Generate Traffic

Lately I’ve been more of a traffic magnet. I’ve read all the “How to get all the traffic you want in 7 seconds blah, blah, blah” articles out there and I’ve tested quite a few theories, these 7 worked best.

1) How To’s
It’s hard to go wrong with a useful ‘How To’ post.
Recently I re-published a Masking How To post and within seconds had hundreds of people on my site. The funny thing is, the tutorial is on PhotoShop E6 – is that still around?

2) Controversy
I don’t think there is a more aggressive traffic strategy than a good ‘Mom on Mom Controversy‘.
Tell people that Mommy blogs suck or that they are unoriginal – that will keep people coming back to make sure they haven‘t been out commented.
Or pick any hot topic, Equality, the Presidential Campaign, you don’t feel we should save the puppies. It brings people, it gets them to post comments and it drives up your PR.

3) Celebrity name in the title
Remember when the Apple Guy died – if you had a post entitled ‘Steve Jobs’ – you were seeing heavy traffic.
Pick any celebrity in trouble: addict, transsexual, someone shaving their head, if it’s in Googles Hot Topics, it will get you traffic.

4) Sex in the title
This just pretty much goes without saying. Sex is …. it’s a traffic magnet.

5) Stupid Luck
I’m always shocked at what gets traffic.
This title “How to get Glue Off Glass, Plastic, Wood …….. (organic)” instantly got me 600 visitors. 600! Instantly! How stupid! Who cares? Is glue so difficult to get off Glass that it causes a visiting frenzy?

6) Pinterest
Same post as above, had this image: This Pinterest image [ ]
I posted it to Pinterest, I think that was the cause of half the 600 instant visits.

7) Triberr
My reach on Triberr is nearly A MILLION!
I don’t care how good you are, what kind of following you have, or what you’re pushing, Triberr sends traffic to your site no matter what you write.
I have around 2500 followers on Twitter, but with Triberr nearly a million people see everything I write. A Million!

There you have it – 7 strategies for building traffic, use them wisely.

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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