Quick Cheap Mother’s Day Gift (For School, Troops, Kids 2 – 102 y/o age)

Grab a 16 oz pickle jar.
Wash it, get the glue off, dry it, turn it upside down and paint it!
For smaller children, use stickers on the outside of the jar.

Separate the top and bottom of the Solar Garden Light and remove the tag that keeps it from running, but put it back together. Unless you have REALLY small hands, you’re going to need it in one piece to stick it to the bottom (which will be the top) of the jar.

Use sticky Velcro to stick the solar panel to the bottom of the jar (of course now the bottom of the jar is the top) Once you have the solar light stick to the jar, twist off the lower part of the light and remove it.

Remember: If you stick the light to the lid of the jar, the solar panel won’t get the light in needs to charge.
Quick Cheap Mother’s Day Gift

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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