3 Life Hacks for Stress-Free Moving

Change is sometimes necessary in life due to job or domestic situations, with moving and relocation being a stressful part of change. Whether you have decided to hire an Ottawa moving company or you are going to be doing all the work yourself, the entire process can be difficult if you don’t get off to a good start. Here a few simple solutions minimize the chaos of your transition. 

Call the Utility Companies

As soon as you have a closing date on your home or you know when you are transitioning from one place to the next, make the round of phone calls to the utility companies. This is an important task that is often overlooked until the last minute. Some companies will allow the service to be turned on the day before (if the unit is vacant) so you are assured of power and water on move-in day. Getting it out of the way early gives you more time to focus on other crucial areas.

Set a Budget

Moving can get expensive, and when you are using a moving service, your costs will go up. In addition to thinking through how you plan to relocate your things, look for ways to save money on your move. Try to  plan for easy meals during days of packing and prep work, rather than eating out. you will have to clean out your fridge and pantry anyway, so make the job easier by eating up what you already have. Ask friends and family to recycle boxes or newspapers to save on packing supplies. See if people in your network will help you pack or come through and clean once you have left the house. This can help save a lot of money.

Purge and Recycle

It is a waste of time and money to move things that you don’t need or don’t intend to keep once you have relocated. Furniture items or clothing can be recycled to charitable resource centers, or you could squeeze in time for a moving sale. The money you make can go toward your move but it can also help eliminate extra work packing things that won’t fit or be needed in your new home. If you have a lot of items to donate, you can generally get a local company to make a pick-up of the items.

Putting some thought into the moving process can help keep you from getting bogged down with stress. Take one day at a time, but start early to minimize the chaos that usually occurs with change.

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