4 Less Commonly Known Dental Specialties

Most people know what dentists do. They take care of teeth, doing preventative and corrective work. Not all dentists are trained the same or perform the same types of treatments though. There are several types of dentistry specializations besides the more well-known general dentist, family dentist and orthodontist Queen Creek AZ.

1. Prosthodontists

People who lose their teeth or are forced to have them removed due to abscesses, overcrowding, decay and other causes require replacements so they can chew. Prosthodontics make these. Prosthetic teeth options include bridges, dentures and crowns. While general doctors are usually capable of and offer these procedures, prosthodontists specialize in them. Some of them even specially design and create custom dentures to fit those who are missing portions of their jaws due to accidents and illness.

2. Periodontists

These types of dentists focus on the gum and the tissues (the periodontium) and bones providing structure and support to the teeth. They try to prevent loss of teeth due to bone loss, diseased gums and other problems. They perform operations like bone grafting, gum grafting, tooth removal and dental implants in order to do so.

3. Endodontists

Endodontists perform root canals, a process used to save abscessed teeth. They are sometimes referred to as root canal dentists because that is their most commonly performed operation. Root canals consist of removing the dead or infected inner pulp of teeth, cleaning them, adding temporary fillings and placing crowns on them. However, root canals are not all endodontists do. They also use surgery in cases where root canals do not suffice. Examples of surgeries they might do are breaking a tooth in half and removing roots. They also repair broken to damaged roots. They do not clean teeth or put in regular fillings. Their aim is to diagnose and cure facial and oral pain. 

4. Pedodontists

While you may not have heard of a pedodontist before, chances are you do know what a pediatric dentist is. Pedodontists are pediatric dentists. They limit their practice to children and are trained to meet their needs specifically. They also undergo additional education in the areas of child psychology and behavior and teeth development in order to prepare them to handle children’s teeth. They usually do more preventative work since young teeth are more prone to cavities and other decay. 

These are not the only kinds of specialists in dentistry. While their titles may seem unfamiliar, they are not actually uncommon. Each plays a specific and important role in oral care. 

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