5 Tips For Starting To Take Guitar Lessons

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments for people to choose to learn, whether they want to learn casually, play professionally or anything in between. Here are five tips for starting to take guitar lessons.

1. You Can Take Private Or Group Lessons

Some companies, such as the Forbes Music Company, will offer both private and group lessons. On the other hand, a private instructor may have more limited resources and as a result, may only offer one-on-one lessons. The type of class you choose to take will depend on what you’re comfortable with and what is available to you in your area. If you want to take a group lesson but those aren’t available to you, this is where online classes may come in.

2. You Can Take Classes Online Or In-person

With the increased connectivity offered by the internet, many things are able to be done online, including music lessons. Depending on the school and the instructor, you may be able to take online guitar classes or in-person ones. Online classes are useful if you want to learn a specific style of guitar playing or want to learn in a way that isn’t available in your area. You can take classes offered by companies in other regions, states or countries if you want to. On the other hand, in-person classes are better for a hands-on learning experience.

3. You Should Purchase A Tuner

The guitar is an instrument that needs to be tuned prior to every use. This is especially important when you’re first beginning to learn, because you may not have trained your ear well enough to hear when the instrument is out of tune. A tuner can help you learn how to listen for out-of-tune strings and how to correctly tune your guitar. Once you’ve been playing and tuning for a while with the help of your tuner, your ear will be better trained and you can begin to tune your guitar without its assistance.

4. You Need To Practice Consistently

Practice is essential whenever you learn a new skill. You should set aside time to practice multiple times a week. Most people practice three to four days per week for about an hour. Make sure you practice everything you’ve been learning in your lessons so you can improve your current skills and gain a good grasp of new things you’ve learned.

5. You Should Buy A Guitar You Feel Comfortable With

Above all, make sure you buy a guitar you’ll feel comfortable playing consistently. If you want to learn to play folk music, for example, you won’t be happy with an electric guitar. Acoustic guitars are the most common choice for beginners. Make sure you don’t simply choose the cheapest option. Try out a few and research the pros and cons of each style to find what feels right for you.

No matter what level of proficiency you wish to achieve when playing the guitar, you should make sure your lessons are tailored to your needs and preferences. If you only want to play casually, make sure your teacher knows that. If you’re interested in playing at recitals or competitions, let your teacher know.

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