6 Additions to Get More Use out of Your Yard

Often the backyard is the last place that gets a homeowner’s attention. A yard can become so much more than just a lawn that needs to be cut.  By adding a few comforts, a backyard can be made into a great year-round entertaining space.  The yard additions discussed in this article are simple but create easily achievable results.

Recently, many people have been spending more time at home, so, maximizing outdoor space just makes sense.  Here are six minor additions that can be made to any backyard to make it more useful.

Barbeque or Grill

Nothing says summer better than the smell of Barbeque grilling in the backyard.  Adding a barbeque or grill to your yard is probably one of the smartest things that can be done in terms of improving how much a yard gets used.  

Everyone loves to eat barbeque.  Not only does it add options to a family’s standard menu, but cooking up some simple grilled meals like steak, BBQ chicken, or grilled veggies, would make anyone glad they invested in a grill. 

Backyard barbecues make family and friend get-togethers easier and more fun by keeping the mess outside.

Wood Porch Swing

The image of a couple swinging on the porch swing evokes relaxing summer nights, a gentle breeze, good conversation, and family memories.  Wood porch swings really are as relaxing as they seem.  There is a reason why the image of a porch swing is so iconic.  

There is nothing more satisfying than sitting on a swing with lemonade or a cold beer, chatting with friends or family. Or, if you are alone, the porch swing is a fantastic place to cuddle up with a good book.  

At night, a porch swing is a romantic spot to create memories with a loved one, peacefully watching the stars.

Fire Pit

Memories are made around the campfire. But, it isn’t necessary to go to the trouble of camping to achieve the same atmosphere. Smores and hot dogs taste better when they are made over a flame.  

If there is no space to create an old-fashioned fire pit, or, if there is a safety concern around having a real fire, there are many new store-bought fire pits that can be purchased ready to go. 

Why not buy a fire pit and have the camping experience in the comfort of your own backyard.

Heat Lamp

The reason a heat lamp is on this list is that adding some warmth makes it possible to enjoy a porch or deck for an extended outdoor season.  By making the temperature outside more comfortable during chilly seasons, it is possible to entertain outside even during winter. 

Shade Umbrella

On the other end of the spectrum, great for sunny days, is the shade umbrella.  A shade umbrella adds shade to your yard exactly where it is wanted. Particularly if there is no awning or overhang on a deck, this is a must-have to keep away from the sun’s strong rays. Gone are the days where people could bask worry-free in the sunshine.  It is now known that too much sun tanning isn’t great for health reasons. Having a large shade umbrella can help to alleviate this concern.  

A midsummer get-together is much more comfortable for guests when they are offered a bit of shade. Even on the hottest days of summer, if a guest is given a drink and a spot under an umbrella, they will be sure to appreciate the hospitality. 

Adirondack Chair

The classic Adirondack chair is durable and long-lasting, making it a practical addition to any deck or lawn.  Picture it, a crisp morning, a comfortable place to sit on the deck with a cup of coffee.  Seems inviting, doesn’t it?  Having a dedicated spot to relax will tempt a home’s inhabitants to spend a lot more time outside.

In addition to the backyard improvements suggested above a homeowner may want to consider the following upgrades:

  • water feature
  • herb garden
  • paved pathways
  • lighting
  • privacy fencing
  • awning
  • arbor
  • hammock

When considering upgrades to a yard, it is important to keep the specific families needs and wants in mind.  Some families may want lots of space for entertaining while others may have small children that need room to play.  There are also families that want nothing more than peace and quiet.  By considering these wants and needs it can be easier to prioritize what yard improvements will be most useful for a particular family.

Making small additions to a backyard can make it much more appealing whatever the season.  Each of these backyard additions can make a positive difference in the amount of time spent by homeowners outside. Outdoor space is a large part of the footprint of a home, and, it is a shame not to make the best possible use out of any area of a home.

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