Trends in Kitchen Design

Updating your kitchen is filled with exciting choices. Not only are you picking a style that suits the needs of your family, but you’re also choosing a look that will wear well and not look dated. If you’re creating your dream kitchen, do your research and find out what looks are hot and what looks are not.

Fun Colors

Many homeowners are choosing from a wider variety of colors when they design their kitchens. You may not be ready to put in jewel-toned kitchen cabinets Austin, but some people definitely are. Medium hues like navy blue or dark yellow may add just enough spice for your color taste. You can’t go wrong with a more neutral palette, but even neutrals have moved beyond wood stain colors. Greys, light yellow and soft greens are popular choices.

Open Shelving

Daring homeowners are forgoing closed cabinets above the counter and opting for open shelving instead. To pull this look off, you must be prepared with beautiful dishes artfully stacked. Otherwise, your shelves will resemble the hall closet or the junk drawer.

Simple Styles

Forget the ornate woodworking in the corner of your cupboard doors. The newer trend in kitchen cabinets Austin is clean simple lines in both cabinetry and tile. Look for knobs and handles that complement this sleek look. Leave out the fancy decorator tiles and keep backsplash tiles neutral.

Mix Your Metals

It used to be a no-no to mix the metals of your handles and faucets. Luckily, that fussy style is gone. Choose two or three finishes and mix away. Your knobs can be polished chrome, your faucet stainless and your island lights brass. Don’t mix finishes on the same element, however. For example, if one drawer pull is brushed nickel, all drawer pulls should be brushed nickel.

Add Lights

Under-cabinet lighting is addictive. Once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it. Not only does it make cookbooks and small appliance buttons easier to see, but it also casts a warm glow in the kitchen when the overhead lights are off.

Large Sinks

For many years, double sinks were a sign of modern times. Anyone living in an older home or apartment with just one shallow sink probably complained bitterly about their lack of sink space. It turns out that single sinks are back in. This time around, however, it’s all about the large farmhouse style sink that you can easily wash a cookie sheet or large pan in. They are both functional and beautiful.

Designing a kitchen should ultimately be about what will work best for you and your family. Embrace trends that make sense and ignore those that don’t.

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