CBD For Alleviating Painful Menopausal Symptoms- Does it Work?

Cessation of the monthly menstrual cycle results in an event often referred to as “Menopause.” While it is an entirely natural phenomenon, for some women, it can be a painful experience. Symptoms like hot flashes, weight gain, or vaginal dryness.


And since CBD has a role in managing many symptoms associated with menopause, the number of women using CBD as an alternative treatment therapy is increasing. But how does it help? Let’s find out now!


The Role of Cannabinoid in Alleviating Symptoms


Everyone is pretty clear that we have an endocannabinoid system that helps the body achieve homeostasis. Research confirms that estrogen is critical for this system since it helps to regulate FAAH, a molecule that breaks down endocannabinoids. 


The fluctuating levels of estrogen thus result in impacting the usual functioning of endocannabinoids. Thus, causing symptoms like depression, lower libido, or sleeping issues. Naturally, if you supplement your body with cannabinoids, it will allow the body to attain the otherwise disrupted balance. 


Research Overview


While the research is still ongoing and in its preliminary stages, the evidence shows some promising results. The findings show that high-quality CBD products like topicals, oils, tinctures, or CBD Distillate with Terpenes and Cannabinoids might help women combat symptoms associated with menopause. 


Another research showed that CBD had a role in instilling positive effects on mood changes, joint pain, sleep issues, and other hormonal changes. Additionally, CBD also offers evidence concerning reduced symptoms of depression, anxiety, or stress. Not only this, some even support its efficiency in lowering aches or joint pain. 


How to Use it For Menopause?


Experts suggest understanding everything about it with your doctor before starting it as your treatment method. However, if you are using hemp-derived products, you must be mindful of the dose you are taking. Don’t take anything that triggers your threshold. 


It won’t be an issue if you are only opting for CBD products that don’t contain THC. Some patients even confirmed relief from hot flashes and other symptoms. Some even claimed that they feel less anxious and more energetic after using CBD as a part of their treatment therapy. 


Final Words


Using CBD for alleviating menopausal symptoms has a lot of positive evidence. Plus, even research confirms that it might help manage associated symptoms quite efficiently. It shows promising results in reducing aches and joint pain and lowering the chances of osteoporosis, which is often the case with menopausal women.


Further, you can expect some relief in weight gain issues or factors that might cause diabetes. In short, the benefits are many. All you need to do is find the right product to get relief from the issues you face. 


Having said that, we would still recommend consulting a doctor first before starting this as a part of your treatment therapy. It would help you move in the right direction regarding good products, proper dosage, and related things. 


So, tell us, are you using CBD to relieve your menopausal symptoms? If yes, feel free to share your insights to help others make informed decisions.


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