Pet Care In The New Normal- How To Keep Your Dog Healthy Indoors

The pandemic has hit everyone hard, with the constant fear of the virus keeping people indoors. Even as the vaccines are here, you cannot expect things to get back on track anytime soon. Repeat waves and new strains are still the reasons to worry. Staying at home continues to be your best defense, but it takes a toll on physical and mental well-being. Things become a tad more challenging for dog owners as you have to go the extra mile with the health of your furry companion. Let us help you with some indoor pet care tips you can follow in the new normal. 

Follow a routine

Dogs are comfortable with predictable routines, so try to keep the pet’s schedule as intact as possible. Follow fixed time for feeding, resting, walks, and toilet. But make sure you take adequate precautions as you take the pet out for its daily walk. If you often take your canine companion for drives, continue the routine but stay in the car. It may get hard to stick to the routine as you work from home, but the effort is worthwhile.   

Offer chew treats

Being indoors irritates animals as much as it troubles humans. Giving your pet a chew treat is a good idea as it will be happy and entertained. It will also keep the dog busy while you take work calls and attend meetings. But make sure that you do not overfeed the pet only to keep it occupied. Count the calories and compensate by going a little lighter with meals. 

Keep it healthy with CBD

Canines suffer from an array of health issues, and they can get aggravated when they are indoors. For example, joint pain and arthritis can get worse when they aren’t getting enough exercise. Consider using CBD for pain relief as it is safe, effective, and natural. You can check to know more about the efficacy and dosage of CBD. It can also help with canine anxiety and insomnia. Discuss the therapeutic option with your pet and go a step ahead with pet care in the new normal. 

Don’t skimp on exercise

Being indoors doesn’t give you an excuse to skimp on your pet’s exercise because you will not want the dog to gain extra pounds. While you can continue with the morning and evening walks, get creative with indoor exercises. Use your backyard for activity, while you can even create a play area indoors if you live in an apartment. Clear away the furniture and invest in a small gym where you can have a fun workout as a team.

Get kids involved

Pet care can be fun and easy if you have kids at home. Your children can play a part in keeping the canine happily engaged and active indoors, and they will be more than happy to contribute. Pick some new toys for the pet and allocate an hour of family playtime every evening. The activity will do wonders for the health of the dog and de-stress your children as well. 

Pet-care in the pandemic sounds like a challenge, but it is easier than you can imagine. Focus on the right diet and bond well with the animal, and it will be happy and healthy.

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