Dealing with Mommy Stress Amid the Pandemic

Even as vaccines bring hope, the situation is still stressful as repeat waves and new strains of the virus baffle scientists and healthcare professionals. On a smaller scale, the pandemic is troubling mommies too. You will know the struggle of having kids at home as school schedules are still erratic. Things can be even harder if you have WFH responsibilities to handle. It is best to have a plan in place to deal with the mommy stress before it affects your physical health and mental well-being. Here are a few tips that can help you stay sane amid the pandemic.

Split chores with your partner and kids

The workload in the average American household seems to grow as everyone is at home and chores never end. Things can get more challenging when you have to attend meetings and client calls between cooking meals and changing diapers. Don’t even try to be a supermom because you will end up burning yourself out eventually. Let everyone take their responsibilities by splitting chores with your partners and kids. Have an open conversation with them and let them know that you need help. They will be glad to do their bit. 

Set boundaries

Staying together with a family 24 by 7 can get on your nerves, no matter how much you love them. Setting boundaries can keep you and everyone sane, so make sure that everyone gets their share of space. Schedule your alone time and let your partner and kids do the same. It will curb stress in the family and create a healthy atmosphere in your living space. Even as you let your kids have their freedom, track their online activities.

Try cannabis for anxiety

At times, anxiety can get hard to handle for busy moms, and it is easy to fall into the habit of taking medication. Trying cannabis as a natural wellness aid for anxiety is a better idea as it is safe and natural. If you live in a legal state like DC, life will be a lot easier. You can opt for weed delivery dc and get your supplies delivered to your doorstep. Choose a discreet method of consumption or have it when the kids are asleep. A little helps a lot, and you can feel a complete reset for your body and mind minus any side effects.  

Stay connected with your gang

The pandemic has minimized social outings, and it is no longer possible to meet your friends at work or for regular dinner dates. Even as you handle your mommy duties and work responsibilities, stay connected with your gang. Thankfully, you need not just stick to video calls or virtual parties now. The party venues may not open yet, but you can plan a get-together at your place. As long as you follow the rules and take the precautions, you can have them over safely.

Handling the stress of the pandemic sounds challenging, but things are all set to get better soon. Just hold on, follow these tips, and wait for life to get back on track once again!

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