Here’s how to keep that “honeymoon phase” from fading in the relationship!

Not being able to keep hands off each other is a part of every relationship. From showering kisses to smiling like a hopeless romantic, the excitement and rush of meeting your significant other, are indeed inexplicable. That’s what happens at the start of every single relationship.


And now that you’ve spent a considerate amount of time together, you might be worried about losing that honeymoon phase. Right? Nobody wants to be in a relationship that doesn’t excite or interests them anymore. But don’t worry! That’s not going to happen with you.


How about we tell you that some ways can help keep your love life fresh and exciting throughout your life? Yes, that’s possible! Here in this article, we’ve listed some goofy and romantic ways to keep your relationship sparked up forever. Follow them, and you’ll fall head over heels for your partner each day. 

  • Prioritize each other’s personal space


Do you often miss the time when all you wanted was to sit beside your partner and talk for hours? That might feel cute at first, but with time hovering around your partner all day long can be a bit annoying. Also, there comes the point when “me” changes to “we,” and that’s where each partner’s personal space gets compromised. 


This further leads to frustration, irritation, and fights. According to relationship experts, having “me-time” is really important in any relationship. It caters to an individual’s emotional needs and helps in maintaining attraction. It also plays an important role in providing individual identity to each partner. And that’s the foundation of a healthy relationship.


So, make sure that you don’t hover around your partner all the time and respect each other’s personal space. 

  • Plan a staycation 


The honeymoon phase starts to fade when couples start running out of adventurous things to do together. With time, partners start taking each other for granted and end up living a boring life together. With monotonous routine and busy schedules making time for each other can easily become less of a priority. 


But you can change that by recreating your dates and getting locked together in the most romantic way possible. It might not be possible for you to go on a vacation every now and then due to pandemic and fluctuating budgets. You can always create a romantic setup at home and spend a whole weekend lost in each other’s arms.


But hang on!


Make sure that you unplug yourself from electronics so that nothing can distract you from showering love on your partner. Also, try spicing up things with candles, chocolates, sexy lingerie, and wine. You can even spend your staycation watching each other’s favorite movies or shows or playing sexy games or activities. 

  • Snuggle, kiss, connect, repeat 


It is needless to say that the honeymoon phase is all about experiencing new things every day. Especially when it comes to those special intimate moments with your partner.


Relationship experts confirm that physical intimacy is equally important as emotional one. It is one of the many things that fuel up excitement in any committed relationship. But over time, things start getting a bit boring and predictable. 


Believe it or not but it is one of the many things that keep couples attracted to each other. It is also about keeping aside your insecurities outside the bed. For instance, male partners often get intimidated and conscious about their ability to please and satisfy their partner. And such a loss of self-confidence can affect your intimate moments. 


Therefore, instead of getting caught up in insecurities, it is better that you do something about it. According to the article, male partners can use desensitization wipes during their special moments. These wipes can help them regain their confidence in bed and help in recreating magic in their love affair.


Apart from this, try connecting with your partners through unlimited cuddles, kisses, and hugs. Communicate with your partner and learn about each other’s fantasies and desires. This will help figure out what else they need to do to keep each other excited throughout the “love-making” sessions. 


You can also use a few things to spice up your intimate moments with the help of some naughty games or role-playing. It’ll keep everything fresh and excited throughout a committed relationship.

  • Keep injecting novelty with shared experiences.


When we say shared experiences, you need to know that it goes beyond simply spending time. Every couple experiences a phase where they stop showing interest in each other’s likes and dislikes. And that can cause turbulence in the relationship; as a result, partners might start drifting apart. But you can change that. 


Take some time out to experience things that your partner likes to do. Or you can also find a common interest and inject novelty and bring back passion in your relationship through it. Research shows that couples who watch a TV show or cook meals together tend to have a better romantic life than those who don’t.


Wrapping Up!


Let’s face it, the honeymoon phase gets faded in every relationship over time. But with the help of these romantic tips mentioned above, you can say, “Not Today!”


So keep surprising and complementing your partner, and you won’t have to worry about losing excitement in your relationship ever again.


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