Sliding shower doors are perfect options for any bathroom. They are stylish and functional. They make your bathroom look modern while keeping your bathroom dry and clean.

Why should you install sliding glass shower doors? Let’s examine some of the benefits below.


  • Saves Space


Sometimes, the available bathroom space that we have limits the number of customizations that we can put in place. A bathroom with limited space can rock sliding doors to look modern. 

The doors help to keep your bathroom organized and helps to get rid of the look of crowded bathroom space. Also, the glass doors used in the door unit will create the illusion of a bigger bathroom space.


  • Easy to maintain


Keeping shower curtains clean can be daunting. Other shower door types also require significant effort to maintain and keep clean regularly.

A sliding glass door, on the other hand, is straightforward to maintain and keep clean as the amount of time spent on cleaning it is significantly lower compared to different door types.

All that is required is to open the doors by sliding them open, spray with your home-made cleaning solution or glass cleaner, and wipe off with a clean cloth and close. Other door types will require you to continually step in and out of the shower for a thorough clean.


  • Get rid of water leaks


The use of shower curtains and other door types will require that you mop up the bathroom immediately after a shower to prevent the occurrence of an accidental slip on a wet floor.

A sliding shower glass door due to its structure and tracks helps to keep all the water inside the shower area or enclosure and prevents them from spilling onto the bathroom floor. This helps to keep your bathroom clean and free of mess. It also protects you from slipping and causing injury to yourself due to a wet bathroom floor. Now you can enjoy weeks of clean glass sliding shower doors without soap scum.



  • Modern and Stylish bathroom option


Sliding glass doors are great additions to any bathroom. They transform your bathroom instantly from the regular everyday look to a stylish and modern one. The color of the tiles in your shower area or enclosure can be coordinated to compliment the overall décor in the bathroom if using transparent glass.

As with every other accessory, the door panel of a sliding shower door may drag. If nor attended to immediately, the dragging door could permanently damage the tracks and the doors of the shower door unit. To prevent damage to your sliding door unit, embark on following the steps in the DIY procedures discussed below.


The tools needed to carry out the steps that will be discussed below are,

  • A four-in-one screwdriver
  • Replacement rollers
  • Silicone spray lubricant


The presence of a sliding glass door in your bathroom also creates a spa-like ambiance. This is more pronounced when combined with soft lighting. This will improve the bathroom’s ambiance into a relaxing one, which is all you need after a hard day’s job that can be done in 4 very simple steps. 


  • Remove the Guide


Before removing the guide, observe the rollers on both door panels. Ensure that the rollers are still moving on the tracks of the upper rails. In some cases, a roller may fall out of the track, which causes the door edge’s bottom to glide along the lower rail. If this is the situation, all that is required is to hoist the door panel and pilot the roller back on track.

If, after observation, you discover that the roller is not off track and that it is not the cause of the door dragging, you need to remove the door panel to work on the rollers or replace them if necessary. 

To remove the door, look for the small plastic guide that is usually present in most sliding glass doors. Unscrew the guide using a screwdriver. For other sliding doors, the guide is screwed to the door. Unscrew using a screwdriver to be able to remove the glass panel.


  • Carefully remove the door


Once the guide has been unscrewed, lift the glass doors and move them carefully from their tracks into a safe place with available space or place them against the walls. 

Test the rollers and observe them. The rollers should spin freely.


  • Adjust the Rollers 


After testing the rollers to see if they spin correctly, the next thing is to work on them. If the rollers are not turning, as they should, clean them with a damp rag to get rid of all dampness and wetness. Proceed to apply the silicone spray lubricant on the rollers.

Once that is done, test the rollers again to see if they spin freely without any resistance. If they rotate freely, then it’s time to move on to the next step. If the spray does not seem to have any effect on the strollers, then it means the stroller is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Unscrew the rollers completely from the sliding shower door and replace with a replacement stroller. You can purchase replacement strollers from hardware stores and home centers. For a good fit, take your old stroller along with you when shopping for a replacement. Ensure the edges of the old rollers match with the new ones. The side can be flat or rounded.

Once the old stroller is replaced, the next step is to hang the doors.




Hoist the door panels and raise or lower them into the tracks. The strollers may not fit precisely on the first try. Use the screwdriver to loosen the screw used to hold the rollers in place. Adjust till the rollers are in a slanted position to fit right in the groove it is fastened to.

Test the rollers again to see if they glide smoothly on the tracks. Repeat the adjustments till the door fits perfectly and moves smoothly on the rails. Once a fit is achieved, fix the guide back on the glass doors and secure tightly. 


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