Make Your Home or Office a Fire-Resistant Place with Fire Rated Glass

Many people don’t opt for glass products for their home or office décor because glass is a fragile material. Considering that, it can break and shutter, people question its durability when thinking to use glass inside their homes.

However, did you know there is a kind of glass that is more sturdy and durable than any other material? And, why is it becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and interior designers? 

Yes! The fire rated glass. 

The glass makes your home or office fire-resistant, ensuring greater security. 

Let us explore more about fire-rated glass. 

What is fire rated glass?

As evident from the name, in an unlikely incident of fire, the fire rated glass will help prevent the fire from entering your space by retaining it. You may find it strange considering that glass is a sensitive material. You might think that glass cannot exactly extinguish a fire or even alert the occupants of the incoming danger. However, what fire rated glass can do is keep the flames and smoke from spreading from one place to another. Especially if a building is on fire.

There may be different kinds of glass, but they are quite similar in appearance. This is precisely why it might be hard for an ordinary person to find a difference between regular glass and fire-rated glass. 

However, there is one most significant difference between ordinary glass and fire rated glass. Standard window glass would break as soon as the temperature reaches around 250 degrees Fahrenheit. However, fire-rated glass can bear the extreme temperature without breaking. 

The reason why it is capable of withstanding such a high temperature is that it has been treated with special glazing.

Why is it essential to use fire rated glass when strong glass options are available?

There are a lot of benefits associated with using fire rated glass instead of strong glass, such as:


  • Safety glass 

You might think that fire rated glass only offers protection against fire. That is not true. The protection provided by fire rated glass doesn’t just end here. Most of the fire-rated glass has been tested against soft body impact. It ensures that if a person walks into the glass accidentally, the glass will withstand the pressure of that person, and it will not break.


  • Design

Since fire-rated glass comes in multiple designs, the possibilities are endless. Installing a fire-rated glass will illuminate your space with natural light, thus offering a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. 

The glass comes in various designs and styles. If you don’t find any design satisfying, you can even go for a customized one. You can get the glass in different color variations to complement the interior of your space.


  • Saves energy costs

Safety and aesthetics aren’t the only reasons why people are opting for fire-rated glass. Installing this glass allows you to save your energy costs as well.

Since natural light will enter your space, it will make you less dependent on electric bulbs. Moreover, the glass helps balance the temperature inside your space, keeping it colder in summer and warmer in winter. Thus, helping cut on electricity and gas bills. 

How does fire rated glass serve its purpose?

If you want to make sure that the fire-rated glass fully serves its purpose, you need to be wise when installing it. 

The best places to install fire-rated glass could be 


  • Protect against fire when installing on Windows

Regardless of the size of the windows, the fire-rated glass can fit any size and shape. Using fire-rated glass windows not only help protect your space from fire, but also allow sunlight to travel inside. It makes your home feel lively and vibrant. You can also blend other types of glass with fire-rated glass to give your home the aesthetic look you desire.


  • Being durable and attractive, can be installed on entrance doors

Using fire rated glass for doors will create an attractive entrance to your house. Moreover, it also allows sunlight to illuminate the space. As fire-rated glass is usually tested for its durability, you can also use it for the entrance door. It will allow you to be aware of who is coming inside the house and who is leaving it.


  • Provides Escape routes

If you want to make sure that the fire stays in the room or area it originated in, you should use fire rated glass partitions. The partitions will slow down the process of the fire spreading to other parts without producing a claustrophobic atmosphere. 

No other type of glass can serve the purpose here, as they are prone to cracking. Hence, fire-rated glass is your best pick to install at escape routes. 

Important to know before installing a fire rated glass

Now that you are ready to buy the fire-rated glass, you should know few things before making your buying decision. These are: 

  • Fire rating

As we have already mentioned above, there are multiple options for fire rated glass. Depending on their performance, they are given different ratings. 

For starters, a fire rated glass will stay intact for anywhere between 20 minutes to 120 minutes when exposed to fire. Another thing that impacts the performance of fire rated glass is the time taken during the installation of the framework. 

If you want maximum performance, you should install a thermally insulated structure.

  • Fire tests

A fire rated glass would have to go through different tests to get a rating it deserves. It will be subject to various conditions, including hot flames, smoke, and shock of water. It will be done to see how much pressure glass can withstand before breaking.

Wrapping it up

From increased security to appealing aesthetics and subtle look, installing the fire-rated glass in your space offers numerous benefits. Fire-rated glass withstands extreme temperatures, making your place fire-resistant. 

So what are you waiting for? Go and get the fire-rated glass for your space without a second thought. 

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