Do Casinos Use Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a high tech field that is rapidly growing especially in industries such as gambling. To maintain a competitive edge and to keep up with these technologically charged days, gambling platforms and casino operators have been forced to integrate innovative solutions. And artificial intelligent systems are the most advanced among them all.

Artificial intelligence is designed to add order to the mayhem of casino data collection and analytical methods. AI depends on highly multifaceted and intricate statistical models and algorithms to be able to follow orders and go beyond instructions, learn reflexively and improve so that it can perform better as time progresses.

How casinos are currently using artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is making a real difference in data compilation

AI is being used by casinos to amalgamate their players’ demographic data, the histories of players, their virtual online identities, social media pages, as well as an array of other content that helps to produce smart insights that can be utilized to drive marketing outreach. In this way, AI is being used to help gambling operators their most valuable and profitable punters or the high rollers. The Best Casino Reviews on

AI has the power to notify casinos how many times a gambler visits their establishments, the total amount of cash wagered during each visit and even how the player decides between table betting and slots. Using this information, casino operators can then pin point their most valuable customers so that services can be offered accordingly.

AI offers customers a more immersive and enthralling experience

Today, AI offers punters a more gripping and enchanting gambling experience than ever before. Imagine pulling up a seat at your favorite slot machine on the Strip. As the vibrant and multihued collage of jackpots dance mesmerizingly on the screen, a dialogue box pops up; greeting you like an old friend that you have not seen in a while.

Such face scanning AI interfaces are used to cross reference every curve and outline of your face to make your gambling experience as seamless as possible. Machine learning, AI and facial recognition are transforming nearly every component of the gambling experience.

Even though the potential applications of AI and machine learning in casinos are numerous, they mostly fall under the umbrella of customer service, allowing casino operators to automatically recognize players so that services can be adjusted to suit them in real time.

AI can be applied to tracking problem gamblers

At table games, AI will help to drastically reduce the groundwork done by pit managers. For instance, rather than identifying known players using the clothes on their back, AI and machine learning can be used to track such players instantly. This can come in very handy in helping to identifying potential problem gamblers or those punters whose behavior is starting to veer into detrimental or addictive tendencies.

According to According to Kate Huber, chief editor at NJGamblingFun, ‘’Based on research, very few gamblers display the characteristics of problem gambling, which means that diagnosing and consequently steering such gambles towards clinical assistance has long been a predicament that the industry has grappled with’’.

Machine learning and AI will help to identify these harmful behaviors. Through the use of specialized tools and games that are designed to sort out typical gamblers from problem ones, AI will help casino operators to identify those that need help more quickly than before. AI will do so by restricting the amount of time that problem gamblers spend on gambling activities.

Smart trackers in AI systems can also be used to disable betting applications and opportunities across the devices of problem gamblers so that they do not have access to them. If a problem gambler turns off such a feature, then AI will go a step ahead to notify friends and family when the user is surpassing the recommended gambling limits so that suitable steps can be taken to rectify the problem.

AI will be used for next generation sports betting

AI will become instrumental in driving the growth of next generation sports betting. In the future, wearables and implantables will be worn by athletes so that bets can be placed based on the aggregate performance of an athlete or team in a game. As such, online sports betters will have a wealth of information at their disposal such as an athlete’s average heart rate, the total calories consumers, and their median oxygen intake and so on to make informed betting decisions.

AI systems will do the math in real time and produce minute by minute forecasts of the possible outcomes for a sporting event. Gamblers will then be able to jump in at any point so as to bet on possible outcomes.  As AI continues to evolve, any scenario, and not just sports, can turn into a betting opportunity.

What is the likelihood that you will run into a high school friend that you have not seen for years? Will you enjoy your blind date? Be fired from your job within a year? AI algorithms will help to create a detailed comparison of your social profiles and other online activities against its database to determine the odds and change the information dynamically as bets continue to roll in.

Final thoughts

Over the next coming years, the world of gambling will be transformed completely as AI continues to penetrate the scene. At its core, AI is the kind of software that keeps on learning and improving. When programmed to learn about individuals, the insights that it provides will drive the development of new, hyper-customized gambling and online betting experiences.

So far, AI is being used by casino operators to learn gambler habits, the likes and dislikes of gamblers and their patterns. Just like search engines utilize cookies to suggest which web pages to visit, casinos will use AI to help gamblers pick their gaming choices, while offering suggestions designed to improve one’s overall experience.

While all this might sound like science fiction to many, the capabilities of AI tools are already being used and the future promised to be bright. Ten years from now, it is likely that AI will have infiltrated the gambling scene in much the same way as the internet and smartphones have impacted out modern lives.

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