HiPP Baby Formula

A balanced diet plays a significant role in babies` further healthy growth and development. Today, experts strongly recommend feeding infants with organic products. Such products are offered by the German baby food brand Hipp. We will talk about why it is important to provide your baby with products from an organic manufacturer and the benefits of these products from the brand Hipp.

HiPP Baby Formula



Interesting facts about the HIPP brand

Every parent tries to give their child the best of everything. And first of all, it concerns basic things – living conditions, food. One of these parents was Joseph Hipp, whose family gave birth to a daughter in 1898 and twins a year later. Unfortunately, his wife couldn’t breastfeed their babies. Joseph was working at the confectionery and had to think his way out of the situation. Then, to feed his children, he baked breadcrumbs, which he ground into flour and mixed with milk (which made it more nutritious). At first, he sold the formula in his own store, but in 1932 Josef’s son, Georg, decided to establish a company to produce it.

In the 1950s, the range of Hipp baby food expanded with the introduction of vegetable and fruit menus. Interestingly, the products were first packaged in metal tins, and later, the company switched to glass jars which were much more hygienic and allowed to see the contents. A few more years later, the brand began to produce juices, desserts, purees, and other products for babies.

Today Hipp is one of the most famous baby food brands in the world. It produces the widest range of the most diverse organic products for the nutrition of babies of different ages.

Why do parents worldwide choose HIPP?

Today HIPP baby food is available in more than 60 countries. It is prized for:

Organic composition

The brand’s products contain vitamins and minerals and a complex of omega-3 fatty acids, iron, iodine, and zinc. In short, all the substances that a growing body needs. At the same time, there are no preservatives, dyes, or GMOs.

Easily digestible

Products are suitable for both older children and infants.

A wide assortment

Classical formulas are produced as well as those developed, taking into account the individual peculiarities of children. For example, there are dairy-free porridges, porridges with prebiotics, as well as gluten-free, sugar-free. Moreover, the company offers products for babies with digestion problems.


Fruits and vegetables used in Hipp baby food are grown on thousands of farms around the world. And farmers do not treat them with sprayers, pesticides, and other compounds that can have a harmful effect on the baby’s body. Organic farming allows the company to provide babies with healthy and wholesome products and take care of the environment.


 The food production process is controlled at all stages. The products are certified.

How to choose infant formula?

The best way to choose infant formula for your little one is to do it according to your doctor’s recommendations. The pediatrician knows the composition of the formula and recommends it taking into account the baby’s needs and individual characteristics.

When choosing a formula, parents should pay attention to:

  • The age of the child;
  • The base of the formula – cow or goat milk;
  • The quality of the milk base – if it is not the regular powdered milk but fresh organic milk, the nutritional value of such formula is higher;
  • The composition: the quantity and quality of protein, the type of carbohydrates, the components that support gut microbiome;
  • The individual needs: for example, the baby is prone to allergies – it is vital to have hydrolyzed protein formula. Special baby formulas are designed for babies with symptoms of reflux, constipation, gas, and colic.

Advantages of HIPP formulas

HIPP offers high-quality milk formula both for healthy babies and babies prone to allergies, colic, flatulence, and regurgitation.

Advantages of HiPP formula:

HiPP Combiotik formula is based on BIO-organic cow’s milk from organic farms (without fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics), ensuring environmental safety, high nutritional value, and better product absorption. This formula is suitable for babies from birth on mixed or formula feeding.

HiPP Comfort formula helps with digestive problems and provides all the physiological needs of a baby for healthy development and growth.

Sensitive digestion is quite common in infants during the first weeks and months of life because the digestive system is still developing.

Main advantages:

  • Reduced lactose content;
  • The formula contains a special fat (beta-palmitate) whose structure closely resembles fatty acids in breast milk, which helps soften stool;
  • Comfort formula also includes natural fatty acids LCP, Omega-3, Omega-6, taurine, carnitine for better fat absorption, and selenium as an antioxidant.

HiPP HA is a special hypoallergenic formula for babies with sensitivity to proteins contained in cow’s milk formula. In HiPP HA, the proteins are broken down into smaller pieces, so it is much easier for babies to digest them. The formula contains essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, necessary for developing vision and the baby’s brain.

It does not contain sugar, gluten, dyes, preservatives, flavors, and GMOs. HiPP Anti-Reflux formula helps babies with regurgitation and vomiting. The addition of a natural carob thickener increases the density of HiPP Anti-Reflux, so food is better retained in the stomach, and vomiting and regurgitation (reflux) are reduced. For the healthy development of the baby, the Anti-Reflux infant formula also contains:

  • All essential nutrients;
  • Natural lactobacillus bacteria extracted from breast milk LCP: ARA and DHA (omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids), essential during the first months of life, as the body does not produce them in sufficient quantities during this period.
  • HiPP Anti-Reflux is gluten-free, made without added sugar, salt, no dyes, no preservatives, no flavorings, no GMOs.

All the baby formulas are certified and meet high-quality standards.

Hipp food products are developed by unique technology, contain natural ingredients, and are safe for babies of all ages.

While there is no “perfect” formula, there are certain formulas that will help prepare your baby for the best possible start in life. For many decades, parents from different countries have chosen HiPP organic formulas to help their children grow happy, healthy, and thriving. Take care of your baby’s health with organicsbestshop.com!


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